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Mechanical bull for sale

Posted by on 1/1/2017 to Inflatable Rentals
Mechanical bull for sale
I will explain some things to look for when considering the purchase of a mechanical bull for your party or event rental company, amusement park, indoor fun center or bar.

The best mechanical bull on the market is made by GS Engineering in the UK and is perfect for rental companies, amusement parks, FEC or family entertainment centers and bars. 

The GS Mechanical bulls are available in the US from Kids Attractions in Scottsdale Arizona along with 24-hour phone support, a full repair center, and spare parts for the GS mechanical bulls. All common parts are available to purchase online from Kids Attractions. 

Parts and support for mechanical bulls are huge and personally, I wouldn't buy a mechanical bull from anyone who didn't offer these two items regardless of the cost because what are you going to do when it doesn't work, or you loose or break something? Things happen and you will need service and support for any mechanical bull you consider buying so take my advice and buy a GS Mechanical bull from Kids Attractions. 

When you consider buying a mechanical bull for your party rental company, indoor center or bar think about the following few things:

Insurability: When you tell your insurance company you are buying a GS Mechanical bull it's almost guaranteed to be on their approved list of mechanical bull rides. If not, just contact us and we will make sure to get it approved for you. 

Ease of setup and portability: GS Mechanical bulls are super compact and easy to transport and include a road case for the controller console that houses all of the cords, springs, operator instructions and tools necessary to set up and dismantle the mechanical bull along with storage bags for the loose parts and more.

User Friendy: The GS Mechanical bulls are super easy to setup and operate. You can teach someone to operate the GS mechanical bull in about 15 minutes and it comes with 3 automatic settings from easy to almost impossible with one simple press of the button. The only tool necessary to set up a GS bull ride is one wrench, that's it.

Customers love the big LED timers: The GS Mechanical bulls come with 3 LED timers on the control console making them perfect for bull riding competitions. The operator has a small LED timer for reference and 2 big LED timers on the front of the console facing the rider and or crowd. One of the timers is the current ride time and the other is the best overall time that can be easily reset any time by the operator. Both timers are stacked on top of each other making them very easy to read and will be sure to get the crowd roaring and trying to beat each other for the perfect bull riding competition. 

Inflatable Bull Matt: Our western themed mechanical bull mats are beautifully designed to make your mechanical bull stand out from the crowd with professional digital printing on the sides and a huge digitally printed backdrop that can be easily changed for many different looks. It can also be easily themed for corporate branding or custom theming by just ordering new banners that simply Velcro on, something never before offered on a mechanical bull inflatable. 

Bull Horns and Bull Body: Our mechanical bull horns are made of foam and attached with magnets making them super easy to install, reattach and super safe for the riders. Our mechanical bull body is covered in real cowhide and features a cowhide covered soft bull head and leather saddle for the real bull look and feel. The soft bullhead is a requirement of almost every insurance company and comes standard on every GS mechanical bull sold by Kids Attractions. 

Questions to ask when comparing Mechanical Bulls for Sale:

Does the Mechanical bull come with a road case for the controller?
Is the Mechanical Bull in stock ready to ship?
Do you add charges to pay with a credit or debit card?
Do you charge for crating or packaging the Mechanical Bull?  
If so How much?
Do we need to ship the Mechanical bull back to you in order to get service work done?
Do you offer 24-hour technical phone support?
How many support legs does it have? 
Does it come with a storage bag for the legs?
Do the support legs have rubber feet to prevent floor damage and movement during use?
Does the Inflatable mattress come with digitally printed artwork and removable backdrop?
Does your mechanical bull start and stop within a quarter turn?

After you ask these few simple questions it will become obvious that the GS Mechanical bull sold by Kids Attractions is the one to buy and we work will many different finance companies to make your purchase possible.  

 Even More Questions:

How fast does it stop?
Do you offer removable artwork for the back wall? Can it be added to your mechanical bull?
Does the electric motor stick out the side of the mechanical bull base to collect dirt, water, and rub on the inflatable?
Are the cable connections on the operator console and base recessed or do they stick out making them hard to transport and store without damage?
Are the power wire and connection cord attached to the operator's console or separate parts? 
Will the Mechanical bull have problems working if plugged into a generator or GFI Outlet?
Are the power cords and control wires connected or separate parts?
Will the support legs require tools to install?
This is just a few improvements featured on the GS Mechanical bulls over the competition and don't forget you get 24-hour phone support with every mechanical bull ride. 

These are serious questions to consider before making a mechanical bull purchase and we will be here to help you along the way. 

We also have a full parts department available online to order any part for the GS Mechanical bulls or any other products we manufacture for fast, easy repairs or to replace lost or damaged parts. Create an account with us online and ordering things from us is as easy as Amazon.

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